A country song is a railroad waking up in your arms.
I practice letting myself make mistakes.
They asked for a change of pace.
Let me go back to the farm.

I told you about my garden
It’s so warm and heavy.

Walk the tracks and healthy
I can be good to you.

Talk about ranches
Strumming my guitar isn’t easy because I’m poor.

Somebody sold the buffalo to get wealthy.

A little sad song. Freedom.
Has it been weak?
Has your back turned to nature!?

There is weather.

As weeds grow along a path you create trails that are rough.
I played in a band because I was from the wrong side of the track.



ARE you feeling creative today?
IS life as the world sees it or how you see it?
I remember being obsessed and totally reckless. These weren’t passages into who I have become but ALL the reasons I am so much happier to exist. FINALLY, I met the infinite possibilities missing in my life.
It has been 13 days of passion and desire. Visualize with me and know my destiny. I have strength and compassion. Did you work out today? Did you love today? I am UNDENIABLE. I am SENSITIVE. I have the drive, but also the tears. I DO not let others dim the light inside of me because I welcome change.



As cold shackles twist, space grabs me to scratch away granite attached to prisons.
Marriage is kindness translating purpose
negotiations and opinions rust.
It is just business or friendship.

A lot of lemons reacting to collections.
Stranded reflections meet and gather under clothes with no emergency
involvement shaping upon grapes without astonishment
Reconsider good vibes.
Empowering windows
I put a strike against myself but what is your fortune memorized?
Wilderness will fall.
I’m not thinking or feeling only the windy heart of night keeps me company.
Time is a condition unless you are responsive.
Lift the darkness to relate deserted lovers language
The sky looks cold and pearled.
Sails of blue cloth fade over a still morning
A rooster crows when the florescent beams color the world.
Teach dreamcatchers unimaginable fantasy.
Where gardens secrete nectar in lands where soft clothes travel your body.

Protected inside the forms made by a sheltering tree
Grace in the next step shying away for my heart breaks in this footprint

Exhaustion is free
Making it relaxed and I believe solid happiness is artistic.
Special days are charity fighting to exist.
sleeping and wishing everyone amused dreams

Since this is the last time I’ll see you we will embrace
When I was gone I couldn’t think things through.
I had the advantage of a warm heart and hope
We were so sure that the stars were out tonight.
Be bold in case of simplistic jeopardy.
I am a lot like the passing drinks and worn out laughs.
Treading uneven, watch minutes go by
Be bold and move nearer to me.
A cloud of smoke descends
an owl’s wings pierce like lightning strikes.

Free Write 2010

For the actions that receive congratulations there can be a fascinating time of where people take the way of a cloud to empty American facts or fiction a lot of conditions wait far away from watching movies and scratching their nails against the back of few or many transitions aware that today may mistake a great number of mathematicians

The way to see where skylights enters shrouding the darkness A fact that was obvious to the stars. I want to know how to sing. Let’s dance and hold hands so the mother that we love can appreciate the night.


Memory, let’s trust being awake for days pursuit.
I can take a future gift of simple voices.
We are the welcomer to choices.
Hurry, meet me on a rock.
Unwrap life’s moments.

Soil is being pushed over the bodyless.
An instant worn out and blistering
weaving drama from your lips.
I’m taking love. My torn out pages were empty without you leaving me.
Shifting the sand can be as easy as lifting the sun.
Tying my shoes so I can run,
tonight is the night before I become a poet.

I’m making my last wish and no one hears it besides this piece of paper.
Thought, reflex, or journey,
look this over in the morning when the sun is brighter.
My words and this process right now are very elusive.
Free media is existing to mind the laws and forbidden shock is noticing free media.


Imagine listening just to the minute you start to feel out
on everything pristine we handle being together
Count the beliefs contrary to slamming down sushi and
A remainder of beer
family was near where it was the dumbest thing I ever did one time
My favorite time remembers being told
Everyone is getting old.
reading aloud was something I did
in an orderly way.
Mistaken that heat takes life
Beams overhead rot and frighten me
only a game if today where brighter
beautiful looked contagiously paid


Wind is rushing by
the birds all disappear
And I cry out, winter has come.

The snow is seeping through the ground
A child whispers softly coldness is no longer here.
Sounds of splashing, of swimming, fun and laughter
Everyone is singing because of summer days.
Autumn leaves are falling to the ground
The rakes come out from hiding and people sit and wonder why
Summer went away.