Talent and Happiness

Ylang Ylang

*Harmonize and balance


Try in Shower Gel.


*Joint mobility

Hong Kuai

*Emotional outlook and confidence
Great in a relaxing bath.

Xiang Mao
red lemongrass

*Enlighten the mind


*Immune response
-male hormone support


White savory and white zuta: Israli energy tea

*Digestive tract and cardiovascular system
-Natural herbicide for soil
-Helps to keep insects out of the house


*Refresh the mind

high Pulegone!



Feeling bogged down?
We all demonstrate behaviors that affect the way we gain courage or stamina. You can bring the ability to have a healthy view of yourself to full capacity. Dedication is required, but this is powerful.

There’s no sign or Big Printer in the Sky that says you have to change your life.
Negotiating with all the people in your personal life or on your job can quickly deplete your strength.

BE fit, work and love!


Apply on the feet
The best application is directly to all muscles on the back of the neck. It may also be applied over the heart and Vita Flex points.

I have used this mixed with Epsom salts and Ortho Ease™ massage oil for a foot bath. The sensation is wonderful. Apply Lemongrass; when combined with marjoram, it helps stimulate the agents in the tissue to rejuvenate and reconnect. Marjoram is a powerful muscle relaxant; relaxing and soothing to cartilage. Clary Sage helps balance hormones.

Breathing deeply may strengthen the respiratory system.

Stress headaches will relax!
You can reduce tension and nervousness within minutes. This blend has the ability to calm and relieve spastic muscles. The peppermint oil is used for damaged tissue. Peppermint enhances the effect of the other oils; high in natural menthol.


Live your dream.

Every morning and every night allow yourself time to heal. Essential oils can eliminate toxins that build up. Be emotionally involved.

images: your  (Inbox)
affirmation: I HAVE FOCUS

Elements, frequencies, technology, and environmental programming are planting into the subconscious mind.


Be like water. You are an antenna.
Your values shape your identity.

  • empty your mind
  • be formless
  • build momentum
  • practice
  • The meaning of life is that it is to be lived.

Vibrational quality
V-6 massage

on feet or calves

  • lavender
  • myrrh
  • ylang ylang
  • copaiba


Peripheral Neuropathy

Caution: get tested with your health practitioner if you experience nerve pain frequently.

Helichrysum, grapefruit and deep relief can wake up nerves. Peppermint and lavender will reduce soreness if the pain gets worse.

If you have puffiness in your ankles try roman chamomile.

The subtleness of oils are expressed as vibrational frequency.

Bitch Up

I have a lot of money.

I am an expert at my career.
I am so grateful and thankful I am in business with Young Living Essential oils and am able to share all their products.

I am an expert at business building in my multi-level marketing company and will continue to grow my abundance, health and wellness.

I choose to know. I choose to love. I choose to make love. I choose to sleep. I choose to apply myself. I choose to enjoy summertime. I choose to experience. I choose my lifestyle. I choose more. I choose mountains. I choose joy. I choose a career. I choose to look. I choose camping. I choose now. I choose hiking. I choose projects that include ecotourism. I choose a family. I choose a home. I choose canoeing. I choose horses. I choose challenge. I choose a positive outlook. I choose music and dancing. I choose leadership and teamwork. I choose great health and good food. I choose community. I choose support. I choose equality. I choose life. I choose to make a difference in children’s lives. I choose to help. I choose to know my possibilities. I choose to be outside. I choose to play. I choose to be able to describe my career to others. I choose to grow. I choose to explore. I choose to live by the Young Living mission statement. I choose the Young Living business opportunities. I choose to be me. I choose to be accomplished. I choose to succeed. I choose to work for my goals. I choose to identify my skills. I choose to be in demand. I choose to beat the competition and perform excellently. I choose to state exactly what I need to, to save time and money. I choose to be able to express my desires. I chose to be brave. I choose to be bright. I choose to be adaptable. I choose to be active. I choose to be accepting. I choose to be caring and calm. I choose to be certain. I choose to be clever. I choose to be controlled and centered. I chose to be creative. I chose to be dependable. I choose to be determined. I choose to be efficient. I choose to be ethical. I chose to be extroverted and fair. I choose to be friendly. I chose to be gentle. I chose to be giving. I choose to be strong. I choose to be considerate. I choose to be honest and idealistic. I choose to be imaginative. I chose to be sensitive. I choose to be honorable. I choose to be intuitive. I choose to be intelligent. I choose to be a good cook. I choose to be unstoppable and unafraid. I choose to be kind. I chose to be liberal. I chose to be logical and loving. I chose to be mature. I chose to be mystical. I chose to be original. I chose to be organized. I chose to be patient. I chose to be playful. I chose to be pleasant. I chose to be powerful. I chose to be precise. I chose to be principled. I chose to be protective and progressive, proud and questioning.


Any client, patient or massage therapist that uses lesser quality oils always notes the difference after they try pure therapeutic oils. It has been discovered that sandalwood and frankincense aid occasional stress. Results show patterns were lowered and multiple effects (stress and activities) were due to characteristics of synergistic components of oils. It is important to be educated in their uses and use safety to protect the delicate chemical balance of essential oils.

Occasional gas


Nervous tension



ImmuPower & Raven

The blues


Supports the immune system


May supply a variety of health benefits

Bergamot, dill, lemongrass, grapefruit & orange

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Be careful with photo sensitive oil !!! ALWAYS…orange     grapefruit    bergamot

Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, or have medical conditions, consult a physician prior to use.

Dilution is required for cinnamon because it is a very hot oil. Sensitive skin will react to this essential oil.

Copaiba amplifies all the essential oils and is great for gently soothing away tension.