Be a new you

The opportunities to share abundance can feel blocked. When the normal flow reestablishes itself a lot of doubts go away and won’t come back.

Processing ideas
What were the initial reactions?
How well did you (they) cope?
What skill did it take?
What would an outsider observe?



I use the essential oil Idaho Blue Spruce when I find the blocked emotion and words.

Rate your anxiety 1-10

This could also be done as a group.

Redirect and create a mental movie in your head.
Rate anxiety again.


Grounding essential oil: Ask for the cause of pain. Feel unconditional love. Reveal the negative emotions.

When speaking don’t use the word “wow” because it cancels your positive energy. Doubt cancels.

Try these exercises.


“Even though I am afraid…”
“Even though I feel helpless…”
“Even though I have this fear to prevent, I deeply and completely accept myself.”


“I choose to know that the danger is over and I am safe now.”

Healing for Prosperity Begins WITH YOU!

If you work these exercises with a group you may need Discussion Prompts.

1)What part of this activity involved teamwork?
2)What did each person in your group do to help?
3)Why is teamwork important when working with a group?
4)What are some important elements of teamwork?
5)How can being good at teamwork help you in your daily life?

Other oils to help prospect with greater success.

Forgiveness:Perception, Cultural association, empowerment

Awaken:Material strengths, Ego transformation, survival

Lemongrass:Pain, nervousness, Diet, Exercise, Behavioral Health
Eye strain: Lemongrass and Sclaressence

Abundance:Fight or Flight



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