Tough Love


The female deer delivered twins the dim light helped her track the abundance of hunters left on the ice

A midwinter birth when she can hunt to replenish

The cabins my family stayed in stayed golden and small circles scattered the shoreline

I haven’t thought or anticipated those boys

Years ago they split off and aren’t considered overhunted

No one knows

Does the smooth continuance of protection appear?

seals and community extend to my tranquility

They hunt seals until the ice breaks up

Wild ones bear the images of a complete circle and scattered light warms the dry frigid air.

They starve and their noses pull in the cold air.

South and east and blood in their claws

The cabins were once new and we knew the territory.

Farming, surviving the elements to find out how to keep their distance.



Processing ideas or doubts

share your abundance…
What were the initial reactions?
How well did you observe?


Make a list of fears and diffuse the oils. I use Idaho Blue Spruce.

This could also be done as a group.

Tips for success

ask higher power for release and grounding (also oil blends)

Try these exercises.


“Even though I am afraid…”
“Even though I feel I am in danger.”

“I choose to know that the danger is over and I am safe now.”

healing promotes discussion

If you work these exercises with a group you may need Discussion Prompts.

1)What part of this activity involved teamwork?
2)What did each person in your group do to be successful?
3)Why is each person unsuccessful.
4)What are some important elements in working with a group?
5)How can diet and exercise help you succeed?

Other oils to create greater abundance