I feel so happy to share with you again I could start dancing. Actually, the reason I’m writing is to just bring you a quick message about how to excel at using oils.


smell them!

Do anything except keep where the are unused!! Don’t bother. You aren’t being sophisticated or saving any money! Believe me I understand the pain of dropping a few bucks now and again. I AM HUMAN.

So I’m curious, is this simple information? The ways you gain from oils is endless and easy to do. Yes, you can be invincible.

My feet will hurt after walking all day at work, but I use oils. MANY and MANY and MANY applications of oils have brought me something every single time. IS your stomach dropping into your boots yet? OPEN UP THOSE BOTTLES!

What you don’t know isn’t the problem. Being able to do some work on yourself is about taking time to use whatever essential oils you possess. When my feet were aching all night. KEEP trying.



I had some thoughts about my future when I was a college student. Thinking about what I’d feel like when I was a little bit older. Thinking about what I’d like to feel like. Real simple stuff, but I wasn’t pressuring myself to stand up and be anybody. Sorry! No not true. I’m grateful and blessed.

Jobs that came to me through many avenues taught me simple and difficult lessons. One being how to use sticky notes. Just figured that one out on my MAC.

I am thinking about what sort of differences there are about how I feel now from the way I was after I graduated college.

A realization I had was that I don’t smother my dreams as quickly. Percistence and being able to know that my past is important brought me to where I am now. I wasn’t going to let myself forget this application of thoughts of grandeur. We all decide to be patient and it takes a lot of practice.

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