Live your dream.

Every morning and every night allow yourself time to heal. Essential oils can eliminate toxins that build up. Be emotionally involved.

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affirmation: I HAVE FOCUS

Elements, frequencies, technology, and environmental programming are planting into the subconscious mind.


Be like water. You are an antenna.
Your values shape your identity.

  • empty your mind
  • be formless
  • build momentum
  • practice
  • The meaning of life is that it is to be lived.

Vibrational quality
V-6 massage

on feet or calves

  • lavender
  • myrrh
  • ylang ylang
  • Helichrysum


The subtleness of oils are expressed as vibrational frequency.

I have big ideas

I have big ideas for

  • curiosity
  • music
  • sales
  • sight
  • payment
  • friendship
  • companionship
  • excitement
  • independence
  • admiration
  • truth
  • luck
  • ability
  • fun
  • leadership
  • support
  • alertness
  • teaching
  • compliments
  • power
  • life
  • wonderment
  • quality
  • knowledge
  • gifts
  • pride
  • courage
  • treatment
  • faith
  • positivity
  • expertise
  • meditation
  • beauty
  • sincerity
  • wellness
  • sharing
  • determination
  • hope
  • love
  • awareness
  • awesomeness
  • employment
  • understanding
  • belief
  • luxury
  • protection
  • assertiveness
  • comfort
  • accuracy
  • clarity
  • confidence



The greatest discovery of the 19th century was nothing in the realm of the physical sciences, but the power of the subconscious mind touched by faith. Any individual can tap into an eternal reservoir of power that will enable them to overcome any problem that may arise. All weaknesses can be overcome, bodily healing, financial independence, spiritual awakening, prosperity beyond your wildest dreams. This is the superstructure of happiness.
~ William James

 enhance the process of visualization. The ability to realize your path and stay on the path of fulfillment protects against negative energy that may block your dreams.

Agree to love oils

Position Description/

Work Schedule: includes weekends and holidays; Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Shift: Days and Nights

Lifting Requirements: Not Specified

Summary of position: Help others make a decision.

Age requirement: Not Specified

Desired Skills: Not Specified

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. encourage
  2. supervise your team

Secondary Responsibilities:

  1. assist
  2. know your merchandise
  3. maintain a high level of professionalism
  4. must be able to relate effectively to children and adults

Good news and bad news

You come 1st!

The good news is that I am motivated and the bad news is that I’m taking you back into business building.

I am feeling so abundant with knowledge and determination because of three great weeks of conference call. These educators are my role models and friends in this great company.

You really do come first when it comes to safety and personal growth when you sign up with Young Living.

“Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man’s doing but my own. I am the force.”

  • Elaine Maxwell.

Bounce back: Look at this as an opportunity to grow!
Most people know the benefits they receive from an employer, but what about the force that has shifted my paradigm. I’ll explain it the best I can.

Benefits: independence, willpower, satisfaction, self-awareness, relaxation, fun, control of my emotions, and acting by choice.

You can stay organized, clean, and know how to handle problems step by step.
Everyone says you need to locate your leaders.

Keep a journal of who you talked with, what you taught them, and what they taught you for 90 days.

Maximize volume!

Know these 3 things

  1. How many members you have.
  2. Resources you need.
  3. Other dreams that are important to you.