Bitch Up

I have a lot of money.

I am an expert at my career.
I am so grateful and thankful I am in business with Young Living Essential oils and am able to share all their products.

I am an expert at business building in my multi-level marketing company and will continue to grow my abundance, health and wellness.

I choose to know. I choose to love. I choose to make love. I choose to sleep. I choose to apply myself. I choose to enjoy summertime. I choose to experience. I choose my lifestyle. I choose more. I choose mountains. I choose joy. I choose a career. I choose to look. I choose camping. I choose now. I choose hiking. I choose projects that include ecotourism. I choose a family. I choose a home. I choose canoeing. I choose horses. I choose challenge. I choose a positive outlook. I choose music and dancing. I choose leadership and teamwork. I choose great health and good food. I choose community. I choose support. I choose equality. I choose life. I choose to make a difference in children’s lives. I choose to help. I choose to know my possibilities. I choose to be outside. I choose to play. I choose to be able to describe my career to others. I choose to grow. I choose to explore. I choose to live by the Young Living mission statement. I choose the Young Living business opportunities. I choose to be me. I choose to be accomplished. I choose to succeed. I choose to work for my goals. I choose to identify my skills. I choose to be in demand. I choose to beat the competition and perform excellently. I choose to state exactly what I need to, to save time and money. I choose to be able to express my desires. I chose to be brave. I choose to be bright. I choose to be adaptable. I choose to be active. I choose to be accepting. I choose to be caring and calm. I choose to be certain. I choose to be clever. I choose to be controlled and centered. I chose to be creative. I chose to be dependable. I choose to be determined. I choose to be efficient. I choose to be ethical. I chose to be extroverted and fair. I choose to be friendly. I chose to be gentle. I chose to be giving. I choose to be strong. I choose to be considerate. I choose to be honest and idealistic. I choose to be imaginative. I chose to be sensitive. I choose to be honorable. I choose to be intuitive. I choose to be intelligent. I choose to be a good cook. I choose to be unstoppable and unafraid. I choose to be kind. I chose to be liberal. I chose to be logical and loving. I chose to be mature. I chose to be mystical. I chose to be original. I chose to be organized. I chose to be patient. I chose to be playful. I chose to be pleasant. I chose to be powerful. I chose to be precise. I chose to be principled. I chose to be protective and progressive, proud and questioning.


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