• The art of success: strengthening institutions, building alliances and communities
  • Theory and practice of mediation: skills building

It’s hard to get money right? Phone calls and following up with your business leaders makes you feel worthless and dumb, RIGHT? OK that’s going a little off track but I need your attention.

  1. Realistic job expectations can be achieved with positive lifestyle changes and trusting relationships. When our social and environmental roles feel protected our health improves. 
  2. Why is it important? Do you see yourself getting better?
  3. Embrace the blessings in your life.
  4. How do you make a decision?
  5. 1. Trying things 2. Talking to people 3. Desire
  6. Would it be ok if you got healthy naturally and made more money part-time? Well, everybody knows that natural is always safer than chemicals! Essential oils are safe!
  7. Feel WORTHWHILE as you learn these skills.
  8. Most people feel there is an easier way of doing their jobs.

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