Transferable and critical skills

I choose to be quiet. I choose to be radical. I choose to be rational. I choose to be realistic, reasonable, reassuring, reflective, relaxed, reliable, remote, reserved, respectful, responsible, scientific, searching, self-accepting and self assertive. I chose to be self-aware, conscious, sensitive, useful, wise and a good manager. I also choose to be a counselor, editor, salesperson, scientist, secretary and teacher. I am choosing to be a consultant, coordinator, director, promoter and volunteer. I choose to be skilled at customer service, publishing, filing, interviewing, keyboarding, public speaking, scheduling, writing and typing. I choose to be punctual, able to get things done, follow instructions and get along well with others. I choose to be assertive, diplomatic, detail-oriented, enthusiastic, flexible, highly motivated, ingenious, have integrity, be inventive, learn quickly, be outgoing, persistent, physically strong, proud, self-motivated. I choose to accept responsibility, meet deadlines, supervise others, have a sense of direction, be sincere, sociable, tactful, tolerant, tough, trusting, understanding and willing to learn new things. I choose to accept responsibility, supervise others, meet deadlines, count, drive, draw, assemble, balance, maintain endurance, gather, craft, observe, inspect, tolerate, set standards, restore, comfort, communicate, resolve conflict, counsel, consult, develop rapport, respect diversity, have empathy, be encouraging, group facilitate, inspire, inquire, instruct, listen, mediate, mentor, motivate, negotiate, solve problems and sympathize.

Giving up

Don’t have a lot of money.


grow my abundance, health and wellness.

I choose to know. I choose to love. I choose to make love. I choose to sleep. I choose to apply myself. I choose to enjoy summertime. I choose to experience. I choose my lifestyle. I choose more. I choose mountains. I choose joy. I choose a career. I choose to look. I choose camping. I choose now. I choose hiking. I choose projects. I choose a family. I choose a home. I choose canoeing. I choose horses. I choose challenge. I choose a positive outlook. I choose music and dancing. I choose leadership and teamwork. I choose great health and good food. I choose community. I choose support. I choose equality. I choose life. I choose to make a difference in children’s lives. I choose to help. I choose to know my possibilities. I choose to be outside. I choose to play. I choose to be able to describe my career to others. I choose to grow. I choose to explore. I choose to live by the Young Living mission statement. I choose the Young Living business opportunities. I choose to be me. I choose to be accomplished. I choose to succeed. I choose to work for my goals. I choose to identify my skills. I choose to be in demand. I choose to beat the competition and perform excellently. I choose to state exactly what I need to, to save time and money. I choose to be able to express my desires. I chose to be brave. I choose to be bright. I choose to be adaptable. I choose to be active. I choose to be accepting. I choose to be caring and calm. I choose to be certain. I choose to be clever. I choose to be controlled and centered. I chose to be creative. I chose to be dependable. I choose to be determined. I choose to be efficient. I choose to be ethical. I chose to be extroverted and fair. I choose to be friendly. I chose to be gentle. I choose to be giving. I choose to be strong. I choose to be considerate. I choose to be honest and idealistic. I choose to be imaginative. I chose to be sensitive. I choose to be honorable. I choose to be intuitive. I choose to be intelligent. I choose to be a good cook. I choose to be unstoppable and unafraid. I choose to be kind. I chooseto be liberal. I choose to be logical and loving. I choose to be mature. I chooseto be mystical. I choose to be original. I chose to be organized. I chose to be patient. I chose to be playful. I chose to be pleasant. I chose to be powerful. I chose to be precise. I chose to be principled. I chose to be protective and progressive, proud and questioning.



ARE you feeling creative today?
IS life as the world sees it or how you see it?
I remember being obsessed and totally reckless. These weren’t passages into who I have become but ALL the reasons I am so much happier to exist. FINALLY, I met the infinite possibilities missing in my life.
It has been 13 days of passion and desire. Visualize with me and know my destiny. I have strength and compassion. Did you work out today? Did you love today? I am UNDENIABLE. I am SENSITIVE. I have the drive, but also the tears. I DO not let others dim the light inside of me because I welcome change.



* I am complete.

(You are safe and eternally loved.)

There are two types of people in this world – the proactive and the reactive.
There’s an old saying the world owes you nothing. It was here first.
What would be easier for you, to lose your cool (reactive) or to remember you don’t have to be perfect? Unlock the proactive mindset.

Why do I need abundance? The outcomes from struggle and disappointment can be acknowledged.

Would it be o.k. to try hope? Know that you are strong and strive to uphold greatness.

You need to realize some of your faults. No one is here to give you a Big Announcement.

*Stay active
*Set the tone for your group

Product: Be a product of the product.
Everybody says that improved focus is one area they would like to know more about.

I’m curious…

Infinite energy massage:

R omance
U plift
B less

Neroli oil is for heart, relaxing the spirit
Hope – vision
Transformation – energy, supports emotional changes

Angelica oil on yourself for protection

VisUalize Hope followed with Transformation.

Mind invigorates and balances energies. Hold feet until pulsing begins.

Do what you want to do. Don’t procrastinate.
*get help
*create an action plan
*go to convention
*Wellness Tracking!!
*Proactive people make choices based on principles. The choice is yours.


Vitality, Promoting, Attraction, Challenge

1.) Lavender is Inspiration
A-Zzzzzzs/enhance spirituality

2.) Ningxia
Boost health

3.) Gratitude
Embrace the blessings in life.

*Learn what you can do to improve your values and performance.


  • The art of success: strengthening institutions, building alliances and communities
  • Theory and practice of mediation: skills building

It’s hard to get money right? Phone calls and following up with your business leaders makes you feel worthless and dumb, RIGHT? OK that’s going a little off track but I need your attention.

  1. Realistic job expectations can be achieved with positive lifestyle changes and trusting relationships. When our social and environmental roles feel protected our health improves. 
  2. Why is it important? Do you see yourself getting better?
  3. Embrace the blessings in your life.
  4. How do you make a decision?
  5. 1. Trying things 2. Talking to people 3. Desire
  6. Would it be ok if you got healthy naturally and made more money part-time? Well, everybody knows that natural is always safer than chemicals! Essential oils are safe!
  7. Feel WORTHWHILE as you learn these skills.
  8. Most people feel there is an easier way of doing their jobs.