Did you know you take in air 20,000 times a day?

subdue occasional stress with meditation and Angelica essential oil.

regulates emotions
Promotes restful sleep
stimulates mood
 aids in removing toxins when you exhale
supports digestive function

When your lungs fill with oxygen it moves to your bloodstream to help cells produce energy.
A meditation helps you with many things by relaxing the mind. Shallow breaths. (Adrenaline and cortisol)  Meditation can even help you rework finances and promote a relaxed feeling.

Watch a baby breathing. They draw air deep into the lungs and exhale smoothly.

Apply:  Angelica

Examine where you are now: How wide a gap is there from where you are to where you want to be? 1-50
Make a life decision and an emotional commitment. Get help. Value love and energy in every life form. Nothing real can be threatened. Make it happen!!!

  • Identify with your energy field. (light, consciousness, Qi)
  • Find a quiet place to sit with no distractions.
  • Engage with your inner energy.
  • Be present.
  • Draw in vitality.
  • Enter personal freedom and truth beyond form (dream-like state)


8 responses to “Meditation

  1. I love meditation! I had a hard time at first, lettng my mind go, and someone recommended some guided meditation CD’s- they helped tremendously and now I have no problem!- AND- I agree! It should be made part of the school day!

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