Positive Energy

Thoughts are like magnets. I am looking for ways to shift my beliefs about money and also to be clear of who I want to attract into my life. I teach and create because I am motivated. The shift I’m trying to discover involves patterns of thinking about money. To be successful I have to activate attraction and want to show other people how to believe in their own affirmations.

Focus and move into the direction of your goals. The power center of the mind is capable of manifesting what you want to attract. Find a way to tie emotions to your affirmations and dedicate time everyday to visualizing.

Start with Frankincense and Peppermint
Frankincense improves attitude and peppermint purifies your conscious mind.


Core Supplements: NingXia for moods, Balance Complete for renewed energy, and Digest and Cleanse to soothe and support your body.

Use your favorite aromas to reduce cravings! Slique tea and gum!

Thought Is Energy
Transformation oil: Negative emotions can cause trauma if they are repressed and buried in the past. Memories are imprinted in the cells. This oil is high in sesquiterpines, which stimulate the pineal gland and limbic region of the brain, the centers of your emotions.

Awaken oil (especially while reading for better awareness)
This oil has Joy, Forgiveness, Present time, Dream Catcher, and Harmony in it.

Blue Spruce helps you to see around blocks.

Teaching Independence to Families

– understanding
– empathy
– feedback
– challenge
– opportunity

  • End your day with spikenard oil because it produces magnetic energy that brings joy to the heart, mind and soul.

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