ADD any of the following oils to one cup of organic honey

  • cardamom
  • cassia
  • nutmeg
  • black pepper
  • ocotea
  • clove and ginger

Actually I found a recipe in one of my folders and it really must be a mistake. I think someone handed it down to me and it might be for making chai tea..???????

10 drops cardamom, 4 drops cassia, 4 drops nutmeg, 10 drops black pepper, 5 drops ocotea, 3 drops of clove and 2 drops of ginger. I dare someone to try it. If I ever have an abundance of these oils in my case I’ll attempt the recipe, but for now I still think I was dreaming when I wrote it down. That’s a lot of essential oils! WOW




If you make chai, the base is black tea.

At my house we often add fennel to sun tea so it gets that lovely licorice flavor. It also makes it sweet.

*Cream cheese frosting is great with a drop of cinnamon oil or lemon oil.



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