Recognize what you attract

Identifying your life goals (Top 5 & rank them 1-5)

Skills: learning, analyzing, being friendly, building and repairing things, evaluating, motivation, managing, handling money, planning, operating tools and electronic equipment, directing others, observing, solving problems, adapting, listening, scheduling, encouraging, brainstorming, following through, cooperating, being tactful.

Out of my 5 I’ve selected my top two to share with you; they were observing and encouraging. The average person has 500-800 skills. Transition, dedication and emotions all play important parts of what works and what won’t in setting short and long term goals. Remove distractions, keep records, practice and be emotionally ready.

Choices: be specific

I choose to earn 5 million dollars. I choose to be delighted by hours of relaxation, creativity and inspiration.


Self Image (check off on any of these that stand out to you) No worries it’s not a test

1. I am comfortable with stretching beyond my constraints and against popular opinion in order to learn.

2. I am at my healthy weight and have an abundance of energy.

3. I know my top 5 life goals. I have value and purpose regardless of whether I get paid or not.

4. I do not beat myself up over mistakes I make.

5. I express my basic feelings openly in the moment to stay present (ex. angry, sad, joy, fear, lost).

6. My self image is not completely ruined after this assessment.



Identifying your interests

*College courses (taken or whatever you like out of a catalog of courses)

*List classes, activities etc…

  • Identifying your skills: writing, socializing, getting results, reading, working on a team, being neat, conserving, explaining, keeping records, reporting information, helping others, being accurate, interviewing, teaching, asserting, being creative, entertaining, taking risks, working on machines, speaking in public, negotiating, being sensitive, selling, applying technical knowledge

Choices: be specific

I choose to feel completely at ease when… Even though I am worried about not having a job, I deeply and completely accept myself.


Networking (check off the ones that stand out to you)

1. I am committed to a spiritual practice that centers me (ex. meditation, yoga, swimming, music, gratitude for others).

2. I practice leadership (environmental/physical/mental), giving of my time and talents to others.

3. I can build relationships with both younger and older generations.

4. When I am upset with others, I know this is about me, and I take responsibility for my role in the problem.

5. My network is diverse and includes both men and women from all cultures, industries and walks of life.

6. I network confidently in most environments, because I am well read, worldly and versed on a variety of topics.



List ten words or phrases you think describe yourself.

  1. Ask parents, spouse, children, brothers or sisters to write down the words they would use.
  2. Compare answers

*Recognize what you attract:

You can now deprogram things that make you angry. Does it feel natural? Write down any thoughts of judgement that won’t work in your life.



If you feel highly apprehensive to any of these words try Motivation oil.

How much fear do you have towards communication, goods, ideas, religion, illness, plants or animals, politics, emotions, activities, experiences, connections, life,  society, war, sports, territory, sex, culture, food/agriculture, creation/ destruction, shared and separate histories?

Predicted behavior is edited and defined daily. Assume that you have prepared and your personal reflection is maintainable. If you are having any more apprehension try Highest Potential or Inspiration essential oil.

Choices: be specific

I choose to let it be easy to… I surprise myself by… I find a creative way to… I find it fun to…


Physical (check off any of these that stand out to you)

1. I understand money and sources of income. (business, investments, etc.)

2. I can live a life I choose on 50% – 70% of my income.

3. My home represents my visions of who I want to become.

4. If someone walked into my physical spaces (car, office, home, bathroom) they would know without asking my passions and goals. (ex. vision boards, pictures, symbols, quotes, etc.)

5. I am in tune with the 4 seasons and how they affect my energy and the energy of people close to me.

I hope you’re still following along!
There are 40 million, trillion molecules one drop of essential oil!!!!!!

Quality of Life

Transformation, Instincts, Inner Guidance, Follow Higher Self


4 responses to “Recognize what you attract

  1. This is great! It’s good to be specific with these so it’s easier to build a plan around achieving what we want 🙂 Love this.

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