Take slow, deep breaths. Think of each breath as Jesus. The Hippocrates philosophy maintains that the body is always capable of healing itself…given proper (raw food) nourishment, a positive mental attitude, and adequate exercise. Acupuncture is safe only when performed by a qualified practitioner.

Try some firm pressure with your right thumb on the inside of your left forearm three finger-widths from the center of your wrist for nausea. Gently press underneath both cheekbones, angling your index fingers upward.  When I have bare feet and use my right heel to rub in between the bones of my left foot for one minute it stimulates sensitive spots on the top of my foot.


In my personal growth reflecting on my own miracles and focusing on preventative care helps.



I have a lot of faith in salvation

  • Post-surgery therapy
  • sickness
  • Physical and Mental symptoms


All of us have emotions such as anger, resentment, hostility, and guilt.

  1. Say to yourself “I’m going to take care of these negative emotions, they are accelerating my aging process.”
  2. Think of how your experiences first triggered the emotion and define it. Also write it down using that situation of victimization to express your authentic emotions: “I was outraged because………” Say, “I Let IT GO.”



Basil- Occasional stress

Blue Cypress- Oily scalp

Cedarwood- Oily skin

Celery- Aging skin

Clary Sage- Moisture

Cypress- Oily skin/hair

Elemi- Balance

Frankincense- Appearance, glow

Galbanum- Skin health

Helichrysum- Bruising

Juniper- Dull skin

Mandarin- Elasticity

Myrrh- Aging skin

Orange- Puffiness

Patchouly- All skin types

Pine- Deodorant (with Tea tree or Eucalyptus)

Sandalwood- Shaving

Juniper, clove and tea tree are used to detox.

Marjoram is good for muscle tissue and this could help the skin as well.

Lemongrass, cypress, frankincense and helichrysum are great for puffiness.

Cedarwood, rosemary, thyme and ylang ylang help your hair look great.

Coriander, Lavender, Geranium (healing), and Jasmine are wonderful in perfumes and soaps.

Sensation blend from Young Living is good for hydrating your skin.

Gentle Baby blend from Young Living is good to keep you skin looking youthful.

Application:  2-4 drops on location, inhale, diffuse or dilute in carrier oil for use in capsules.

a.m. Fresh…

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You already buy essential oils:

Fragrances, when inhaled, no matter what their source, enter the blood stream and are able to breech the blood-brain barrier gaining access to the limbic system. This affects the emotions and alters mood.

I decided to do a little research about what essential oils are put into perfumes, soaps and hair care products. Some projects I’ve worked on have shown me that an Egyptian queen in 1500 B. C. used myrrh and Cleopatra used rose.  A hairspray bottle included White Ginger in its ingredients. Is it put into it to volumize my hair? I think some hairsprays use organically grown botanicals but I got curious what other plant extracts were being put into our bathroom supplies.

Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Orchid, Ginger, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Lemongrass, Sage, Cassia, Clove, Peppermint, Rosemary, Rose, Lemon, Lime, Petigrain, Jasmine, Tea Tree, Anise, Geranium, Bergamot, Carrot Seed, Lotus, Fish oil?

  • Orange-  rough skin
  • Lavender- hair
  • Ylang Ylang- delicate
  • Chamomile- balance
  • Orchid- Shampoo…Conditioner or
  • Ginger- Deep Conditioner…Volumizer or
  • Grapefruit- uneven texture
  • Tangerine- Shampoo…Conditioner or
  • Lemongrass- problem skin
  • Sage- wounds
  • Cassia- Herbal soap
  • Clove- tough skin
  • Peppermint- Detangler or
  • Rosemary- appearance
  • Rose- moisturize
  • Lemon- strengthens
  • Lime- Shampoo…Conditioner or
  • Petigrain- aging
  • Jasmine- weather
  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree)- shaving
  • Geranium- dry aging skin
  • Bergamot- aromatic
  • Carrot seed- damaged
  • Lotus- hue
  • Fish oil- scalp problems


Some food additives protect against oxidation. This maintains freshness and prevents deterioration. Additives amplify or promote sensory qualities. Waxes, coating resins and carbonation, colour, flavour, aroma, texture or appearance are often the result of complex synthetic products. Additives also facilitate handling or processing foods. They occur as lubricants used in extruding, pelleting or other food-handling machinery, in dough conditioners, solvents, emulsifiers and antifoaming, anticaking agents. Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are frequently added to foods to enhance and/or restore some of the nutritional value lost during food processing or not originally present in the food due to poor soil conditions. Food chemical sensitivities can be prevented if you watch your labels and use enzymes.