Set reachable goals

Participation in Essential Rewards is required for bonuses.

Participate in Essential Rewards with a minimum order of 100 PV.

  • Everyday Oils, NingXia Red
  • (PV are points calculated for a distributor’s personal and customer purchases.)

For most, achieving success can be as simple as identifying successful Young Living leaders and doing what they do.

Silver distributors’ monthly PGV must be 1,000 or more. PGV includes personal orders and those placed by customers. Volume outside of Silver legs. Gold is 1,500 or more and Platinum and above must be 2,000 or more.  Executive: OGV (amount of sales volume from entire organization of customers and distributors) 100 PV +5,000 OGV. Silver: two Executive legs. Gold: two Silver legs. Platinum: four Silver legs. Diamond: six Silver legs. Crown Diamond: Six Silver and one Diamond. / Diamond and Crown Diamond must possess 100 PV and 2,000 PGV. Personal Group Volume for Silvers and above.


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