Dilute! Dilute! Dilute! Oil and Water do Not Mix!!!!

Nature’s child

essential oils should always be diluted before adding into a baby’s bath. The oils sit on top of the water so you really need to mix them up carefully. Be confident by knowing you have a small amount of oil in each batch you make. 1 drop or use the toothpick method. They will rub their eyes and this will irritate the cornea. It could cause blindness in a small child.

Mix oils well with a few teaspoons almond oil or a cup of milk.

If the child is irritable try a myrtle massage. This essential oil helps with mild sleep aid.
If sleeplessness is a problem use neroli.
Skin issues are remedied with chamomile. Itching on the hands will also be quickly relieved.
A sedative oil blend is marjoram w/ lavender.
A hot compress of black pepper and geranium is very helpful with digestion. Use very little of these oils and dab on the skin. Wait 5 minutes to test the strength. Massage VERY gently over organs. Never press hard on the abdomen.
Another bath time oil is petigrain. This works well as a shampoo or deodorant.
Cuts are sometimes tricky but try myrrh or orange oil.


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