Activate Abundance!

You benefit with supplementing income anytime you are ready to stop saying I can’t.
When you look at a catalog what do you think?

Probably NOT; this company gives me a business opportunity and 20% off each order. When you are a distributor in the ESSENTIAL REWARDS Program you get bonus points for free products using this discount.

Details can be found on my website. You are rewarded in Young Living. They also make it easy to check your purchase details and earning potential.

$ Spent     $50-100 per month                                                          13+ months: 20% of PV

Point Value: the more you spend, the more you earn

The Math of Purchases you Might be Making Right Now!

Eu de Parfum 2.5 Fl. Oz. $95, Parfum Spray 1 oz. $45, The New Fragrance 1.7 Fl. Oz. $49

Pre-Shampoo, 49.00
Body oil, 90.00
Body butter, 30.00
Eyeshadow, 20.00
Lotion, 20.00

$ Spent for Shampoo, body oil, body butter, eyeshadow and lotion is $209.00!

You could be a leader, smell great for a lot less, and you will get healthier. That is priceless.


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