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My job is to distribute and sell essential oils and the products I believe in. Thank you for participating in all of my posts and hope no one is offended that this really is the way for me to earn a living.


Persistence is Golden

Class Presentation Themes

Oils for calming can be used to combat control issues and fear. Certain emotions are more of a challenge than others. Frankincense enhances approval.

Did you know?

Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts show us that essential oils had been used as medicine thousands of years ago.

Home Parties

your knowledge. Explain how to make bath and body products. Make a sale by telling your participants how safe essential oils are.

Ask this question: Has the purity and quality of your expensive lotion or potion been ensured through independent lab analysis? If they know then keep quiet.

  • Get started with Essential Oils Desk Reference book or Reference Guide for Essential Oils.
  • Share testimonials
  • Watch a Young Living DVD

I suggest applying Idaho Balsam fir to get balanced in your own energy field before the class. Talk about Biofrequency or Healing oils of the Bible (book, DVD – 2 hrs)

SPA parties
NingXia and ART kit
lots of handouts
skin care
foot rubs
Vita Flex and/or Raindrop demonstration

Remember this: Oils from YOUNG LIVING are distilled from organic plants and processed using a technique the maintains the therapeutic components of the plant.

Toxic Brew
I have not had to use harmful chemicals. I like not having questionable and expensive medication.
Thieves, lemon and purification are natural alternatives to the other stuff. Current research is out there. Health care is your responsibility and Young Living supplements are your answer. Corporate training and convention will help you learn.

Essential oils do not make you dependent. One of the best things about using them is they empower you and elevate your mood, attitude and spirit. Rose, sandalwood and geranium essential oils nourish the skin. Wintergreen and cypress oils alleviate discomfort. The world of aromatherapy creates changes in the body and you can share your knowledge with other people to help them become participants in their own health.

It is important to know that if you have suffered with ill health for many years the healing effects may not be instant. Essential oils aren’t like pharmaceutical drugs that carry complications. Total healing won’t happen in a few days, but with high-quality essential oils your future, physical, emotional and financial health will be supported.

To increase memory and stamina drink water 2-4 times a day with lemon oil. I alternate with peppermint to boost all the oils. Apply frankincense, oregano and thyme oils. (oregano and thyme on the bottom of feet)

$50.00 to stay active. That’s it!

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