Recently I’ve been trying to recognize small moments of my day to celebrate. THIS IS A VERY BIG ONE!!!! I found my poems plus a whole backpack full of new information to sort out for this blog. I house sit often. Things usually get lost when I return to put all my projects and clothes away. I really didn’t remember storing the (YOUNG LIVING) backpack among boxes of books and charts that my mom sells. Wow I am very relieved. I must admit one of my faults today. I did not eat!! I wouldn’t recommend it. I apologize to my body but the stress levels were so high. Eating an apple and peanut butter gave me the mental clarity I needed. In the last two weeks I had lost fifty dollars, a bracelet my boyfriend bought me, a hair pic and a new tweezers.  The tweezers were in a random traveling bag. When I found out the poems were gone too I panicked. The bracelet was in the bottom of my backpack. Enough about me.


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