Self management

Everyone needs confidence so I’ve put a list together of positive choices you can make today.

Take an assessment to define and identify skills and competencies.
* developed or undeveloped

1. They should be transferable and job-related
2. Don’t get discouraged
3. Decide what it looks like and what you would do

Find a mentor for guidance

Work on your presentation and research skills
My tips:

1. acknowledge the solid presence of support from others
2. get a feeling of empowerment
3. have a clear understanding of boundaries and expectations
4. write down various opportunities for constructive use of time
5. have a strong commitment to learning
6. appreciate positive values
7. have sound social competencies
8. a personal sense of positive identity (self-love: Use Joy essential oil)

These tips help with positive development in your team, acting in productive ways and mediating success.


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