My face feels pretty after I finish yoga

I won’t be a forty-something wreck.

I want a Camaro that will drive.

Raining makes us feel restless

winding down the road


a parrot’s tropical paradise when the night continues

Winter here seems long

my thirst from a beautiful sleep.

Fight your own insanity. There’s one small pill

With the medicine to make a world of good news be yours.

Would you like me to name it my hero?

How, if I feel my stomach aching?
What if I told you I didn’t like to swallow
drop it on my tongue if you’d like it.

Taste it’s evil pleasures.

Worship the way it feels now or someday forget you wouldn’t listen
if your nerves were saying yes, i love the way it pulls




2 responses to “Parrot

  1. Years back, a friend of mine named named Summer told me, “I don’t understand these guys who put high grade fuel into their Lamborghini’s but a lot of shit into their bodies. My body is my Lamborghini, so I put high grade fuel into it. That makes more sense, doesn’t it?” I couldn’t argue with her there.
    That Camaro line reminded me of that : )

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