No Title


Rain clouds shift the tides,

receive the glorification when time seems to take life by the shore and loose it.

The way it feels to just sit brings a smile and find someone greeting you.

It just feels right to gather all your fears in your heart.

Your gorgeous eyes say that you’re around the corner.

I like to dance

Branches on an unlikely birch will watch us together

emptiness filled with a drop of compassion

When someone listens to your response it feels like the suffering ends.

Too much of the day goes on where people forget smiling makes it all better.


Change that which discovers you

the course of our lives begin to unfold by dreaming big dreams

we are surrounded by the most luxury,

there are sea and wind so close to your eyelids.

I took out the first mad call to elevate the howl of a girl

My feet stomp the sand of a beach I’ve never been to


Placing our lips together

The simple touch and thinking along the way

I walk into moments where your smiling forms rest

I dream of honor communicating to clouds above

Rain reminds me to sit with stars to sleep under.

Play with me and teach me to write again.

My soul is so full of hills and conquests

one more life progression makes the days and nights get weaker.


Moonbeams and starfish

I know they get along

Opposite attraction

A plan in nature’s card

Candlelight does listen in language friends can hear.

Awesome delight.

Rain clouds shift the tides of a sea.

Do wishes ever come true?


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