My heart skips

I shout at wishing wells.

Saddle slipping.

I told you I was shy.

Few of the traveling

awesome for belief.

Getting places.

Distances between the best.

Here’s where my heart feels well.

Jump on a new railroad

child begin to whisper sooner.

Peace among nature’s chance.

Kiss your wall

Thank heroes for working.

Envelopes were meant to be licked.

I was meant to be liked.

Eyes glowing and positive

Forget misery or debating

I share the moonlight with friends tonight.

I’ll still see tulips in Minnesota.

Disappear and go right away.

Protect the last look at earth.

colors float through your eyes

plain old trains moving faster

tilting and grasping his arm

your will or his charm made our hearts skip.

Begin a long paragraph

foretell a prickling ear.

Tap a timbering wolf’s den.

Chant down your birth.


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