I saw this and really am infatuated.


purity, mind, intellect, travel, youth, wisdom, communication

The elusive element. Enables you to send messages and write poetry as it gives you clarity of thought and aids in studying, dreaming and working with spirits. Observe and listen to the wind and you will understand the air element. It’s linked with the mind and its energy is light, changeable and  flexible as it is invisible, inconsistent; like the wind it can be gentle or fierce, damp or dry. Never still, it can change from a balmy breeze to a gusty gale. The wind also carries pollen to fertilize flowers and crops, just as ideas travel between people to enrich cultures. Air magick can help stimulate new ideas and strengthen mental abilities. Reciting words of power, chanting, repeating affirmations, and singing are all examples of air magick.

Symbol i associate with Air:

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