Food can be an addiction. Watch out for MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFC) and artificial sweeteners. The can create hormonal imbalances. Braggs amino can substitute soy sauce in recipes below. I am still working on how many drops to use so be patient w/ me.

Orange Eggnog
4 c. vanilla ice cream
1 scoop Balance Complete
2 drops of orange oil, 1 drop of cinnamon and 2 drops of nutmeg oil
Blend together


Spiced ice tea

2 qt. hot unsweetened tea

1 cup organic apple juice

cinnamon, ginger and lemon oils

Chill 24 hours



4 c. boiling water

8 tea bags

¼ c. honey

Cool 2 hours

Combine w/ 2 liters of sparkling water, lemon and ginger oils.


Honey mustard mayo

1 T. honey, ½ c. mayo, 2 T. Dijon, 1 t. rice vinegar, salt, thyme


Tomato sauce for freezing

10 qts. tomato puree

4 lg. onions

½ c. honey

4 t. salt

2 T. garlic powder

2 T. parsley

Simmer 1/2 hour

Basil, oregano, lemon and black pepper oils


Tomato Puree

Apple sauce, onion, cider vinegar, agave, salt, red pepper, mustard, 2 hours. Cool slightly and add cinnamon and clove oils.


*Grapefruit oil in frozen Pico de Gallo

*Lemon and Black Pepper oils in tomato juice

* Rosemary oil on goat cheese

-Black pepper, salt, chives, parsley


Thyme Chicken

-mushrooms, onion, broth, garlic, feta and parsley


Cumin, Coriander, Fennel and/or Lemon Couscous

-chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, cooked chicken, raisins


Basil Chicken

-tomato sauce, olive oil, black pepper, parmesan and provolone cheese


Dill and buttered potatoes


Coriander Mexican Rice

-Lemon oil and toasted cumin seeds


Coriander Eggs

-tomatoes, red onion, chili powder, cumin, cooked black-eyed peas


Oregano Creamy Mushroom Pasta

– oil, heated, 2 c. cooked macaroni, onion, garlic


Cook 5 min

Serve with thyme and parsley on baked French bread


Basil Penne w/ Tomato and Ricotta

-hot pasta, oil, garlic



Basil and black pepper


Carrot Seed oil Chow Mein

-oil, garlic, onion, celery, red chili, peas, bamboo shoots, egg noodles, scallions, soy sauce, agave


Italian Sandwich

-salami, pepperoni, cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, black olives, olive oil and basil oil.


Eggdrop Soup

-lemon oil



-rosemary, marjoram, sage and basil


Split Pea Soup

-rosemary and thyme


Couscous w/ fennel

Wild Rice Salad w/ ginger

Oatmeal w/ cinnamon


Chicken Nachos w/ Marjoram oil

1 m. onion

1 t. olive oil

1 cup enchilada sauce

1 cup black beans, low sodium

1 cup chipotle chili

1 T. brown sugar

2 c. shredded chicken

shredded cheese, shredded lettuce, cilantro, lime wedges, hot sauce


Brush w/ 4 T. Soy and  1 T. agave
sesame seeds
dill, marjoram and ginger oils
Refrigerate 10 m.

Grill 8-10 m.

2 T. olive oil w/ about 1 drop each of Young Living Essential Oils. Use ONLY YL and don’t heat them. When I made this I used fresh dill for the marinade and added the other oils after I cooked the fish.


Cobb Salad dressing

½ c. greek yogurt

½ c. veganaise

2 T. parsley



Sicilian Salad

18 Kalmata olives

2 blood oranges

¼ c. olive oil

¼ t. salt

black pepper, orange and lemon


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