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Nomination acknowledgement for sammiwitch: TheLifeandTimesofaForeverWitch

I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. That’s pretty neat. Thanx and wishing you the best.

Seven things about me: I am 29 years old. My favorite color is teal. Food fights really bug me. I like wine with my dinner. Beading is one of my favorite things to do to pass time. I have a brother named John. I used to love snowboarding.

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Some other oils you need to try

Caraway is good for pimples. I use Caraway essential oil for getting out of be.

Cardamom is good if you’re feeling heavy and for digestion problems.

Celery has stimulating properties.

Cypress corrects scrambled programming due to stress. I mix cypress and orange. Its my favorite to put over areas of my body I want to tone

Fennel is thought to increase life span. Greek athletes wore crowns of the fresh stalks. It is used for treating digestive problems and respiratory, runny nose and puking.

Frankincense increases the ability to rejuvinate. Frankincense has relaxing properties and is used for treating respiratory problems and pimples. Sacred Frankincense and carrot seed make sun tanning easier. Make a scented homemade lotion.

Juniper helps with feeling, and regeneration. Juniper, wintergreen (bones), cypress and peppermint are great for healthy teeth.

Marjoram is good for stamina and longevity.

Orange oil polishes furniture. Your house will smell amazing. It is used for tension, muscle pains, aging skin and dermatitis. The body must not be exposed to sunlight within 12 hours of using orange essential oil.

Peppermint helps to reduce heat, fights off a stress headache and aids in dizziness.

Rosemary is oil for your medicine cabinet. While studying for exams try this oil to improve concentration. It is also good for stress headaches, and dizziness.

Thieves oils stops many symptoms. Use the spray for discomfort.

Vetiver can be used for chapped lips and greasy skin. I love it to help create a little puffiness in my lips.

Oils you need to try

pine nutmeg hyssop black pepper

Detox: juniper, guards you from negativity

Dry skin: sandalwood

Euphoria: neroli, purification and clary sage (dreams)

Healing: sandalwood

Health: thyme, lemon

Meditation: frankincense

Runny nose: fennel

Sensitive skin: orange

Sleep: Jasmine relaxes the physical body and helps you dream

Spirituality: lavender


For soft feet put citrus oils like lemon on them before bed.

When the essential oil is diffused it in air it smells clean. Lemon combines well with geranium and chamomile.

When you have a cut use this oil. Keep your Lemon oil and other essential oils in dark-colored, well-sealed (not plastic) bottles. Air and light can penetrate clear bottles. Try placing some oil on a blown up balloon. You’ll see why I say don’t put them in any plastic containers. Warning: The body must not be exposed to sunlight within 12 hours of treatment with lemon essential oil.

Blending Essential Oils

Blending Your Oils

Basil (discomfort) blends well with bergamot (cuts), citrus (bad skin), and frankincense (stress).

Cedarwood (hair and skin) blends well with clary sage (monthly discomforts), cypress (bad skin), neroli (stress) and ylang ylang (greasy skin).

Chamomile helps with stress headaches, and stretch marks.  Use w/ patchouli (stretch marks) and rose (restlessness).

Myrtle with pine and peppermint.

Ocotea and Copaiba blocks stress.

Sage is good for attracting money; it tones the conscious mind and gives you wisdom. Try with thyme, hyssop and basil.

Intestinal health

Probiotic supplements give you friendly bacteria. With food it is impossible to know the amounts of bacteria you’re getting because they must journey through your body to reach the intestinal tract. The stomach is a very acidic environment.

The brain sends out signals out to the body so neuropathways connect and keep you mobile. Essential oils are added to the supplements Young Living created. They support the brain which help your body react quicker.

Probiotics support metabolic functions and prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying and causing disease.

Calcium, zinc and iron are minerals absorbed by taking Life 5. This helps manufacture thiamin, riboflavin and vitamins B6, B12 and K. Probiotics also help promote mucus formation in the colon.