Feelings Kit

Feelings Kit requires proper and comprehensive use of essential oils. This process requires a faith in action. Experience and whole being and the ability to be can stimulate the fragmented Self. When the proper oil is properly applied at the right time, essential oils can permanently stop dis-ease in our energy fields. Move forward in the unknown.

Thinking releases conscious fear and promotes Self-realization.

Thinking follows being, fragmented or whole.

  1. Decide what you really care about.
  2. What does your life look like in a perfect world? Don’t give excuses for why your life doesn’t look like that. Just paint in broad strokes what your mind says and pull together those elements best representing your ideal life.
  3. Acknowledge your fears.
  4. Examine your behaviors and attitudes then go deeper to find the fears that drive them.
  5. Challenge your irrational fears of worthlessness.
  6. Share problems or ask things of others. Are you afraid you’ll lose your relationships?

Make it happen!!!!

  •  Valor     Balances unease in all systems. (apply to feet and hold)
  • Harmony    Chakras (above and below heart, pelvic, or on each meridian point)
  • Forgiveness    Erases memory blocks (on naval and over nose with hands) Let feelings come to the surface, lie down, listen to the silence
  • Present time —if the emotions don’t come in five to ten minutes (below throat)
  • Release    (liver area)
  • Inner child    Identity (thumb to roof of mouth and breathe)
  • Valor   (both feet and base of skull/LC notch —clockwise motion)

Sight dim light

Sound soothing music or silence

RELAX rose, lavender, ylang-ylang, vanilla (Stress Away roll-on has it in it)

INVIGORATE grapefruit, rosemary, lemon

CALM chamomile, sage, lavender, neroli


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