Valor is a great oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Young Living Essential Blend Apply drops of VALOR on the bottom of your feet, heart or throat chakra.


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The passage of light thrills the river
It fills your choice to guide music
Remove substitution just outside potential illumination
Concentrate on the Coho salmon and Columbian white-tailed deer.
You hear the Atlantic sing and waves crash through understanding.

Start a listening day as harmony
hands you warmth
Nature does not witness doubt
I like thighs and we exchange love and respect
Seeing a stage other than the one I dream about.


My soul allows me to be open to life. I have more than enough to handle life’s demands
I love my soul of inner peace. I love myself. I trust myself. I love my inner tranquility.
My soul nourishes me. I forgive myself in love. I have a right to be me. I am a good person.

I have a right to my feelings, positive and negative.

My soul allows life to all. I reach out with love. I reach out with forgiveness. Everybody has a right to exist.

My soul allows my life to flow. My reactions to things tell me what is real. My experience of things is truth. My body has its own wisdom.

My soul allows my life to unfold gracefully. I have faith and confidence in my future. I am secure, and my future is secure.

My soul allows sweetness to fill me. The world has become a loving and abundant place.

My soul supports me all the time. I have the right to be me. I am totally acceptable in God’s eyes. I am what I am and that’s all that I am. I am above the norm.

My soul allows my own power. The flow of life supports me. It is now safe to be me.

My soul allows me to give and receive in love. Life really works when I take charge. Life is more fun when I do it myself!

My soul allows me to relate in love. It really works when I’m me. I am bright, beautiful, strong and kind. I am appreciated by all.

My soul allows love to flow through me. The universe nourishes me and I thrive on it. I am sufficient and valuable as I am.

I trust my soul. I am naturally gifted and accomplished. I accept myself and my successes.

My soul allows me to grow. The world is enhanced by my sharing. I can share my wisdom with the world safely. I can speak my mind safely. The world needs my knowledge.

My soul creates good decisions for me. I am self responsible and free to be myself.

My soul allows me to share my understanding with ease. My greatest gift is my understanding. I feel free to express myself. My emotional response to things is an accurate reading of what’s happening.

My soul is good. I recognize what I know and I recognize that I know. I accept and trust my intuition.

My soul allows me to release all resistance. I lovingly care for myself.

My soul allows me to reach out to others with love. I am now experiencing life in which everything makes sense. I am surrounded with God’s love and abundance. I have a right to be me.

My soul creates all I need for myself. I deserve love. What I am is acceptable to God. I am secure in the company of loving and accepting friends.

My soul allows me to live in love. I am able to exceed all expectations. I find my way with ease.

My soul allows my safety. I release past regrets. I love my creative force. I’m generous.

My soul allows me to love who I am. I feel safe expressing my power. I’m worth of being loved. I’m clean and good and I can go for the top. I love my health sexuality.

My soul allows pleasure in my life. I love to enjoy my life. I’m now able to receive what I deserve. The war is over.

My soul and creativity are beautiful. I am strong, stable and secure, yesterday, today and tomorrow. I deserve love, affection and sexual fulfillment.

My soul allows balance in my life. I release and forgive the past. The universe is safe and loving. I am a beloved part of God’s creation.


Yesterday I did, Today I do, and tomorrow I will.

Never add when there is still something to take away.
Style is a crutch.

To thine own self be true.

Be a traveler, not a tourist.

What one man can do, another man can do.

Only floss the ones you want to keep.

Space Clearing

I sometimes like to use spritzers of essential oils as perfume. Sometimes if I have company coming over it is nice to spray some oils or diffuse. A really good way of clearing away negative emotions and energies is to use essential oils. A recipe I wrote down a long time ago uses sage, patchouli and cedarwood. I also think roman chamomile is a nice fragrance in any room.

Be Happy

Introduction to Building a Business


Here is some advice to people who want to become successful in Young Living. Find YOUR FAVORITE product!!!

Essential oils do not work the same as dried or fresh herbs. I have often heard people saying they want a healthy body and strong mind. I think that the dedication of Young Living is to unite ancient traditions with modern science. They are a global leader and sell products in many foreign markets. Thousands of acres of herbal farmland can be found around the world. These essential oils are endorsed by hundreds of medical professionals.


I want to put in one warning:  Do not use these products without consulting your healthcare practitioner if using other medication.  I do feel that you can build your body the way Mother Nature intended by combining oils and supplements every single day. When I started using Young Living I was in a lot of pain. I’ve never thought about the time it has taken to heal or where my progress needs to be in the future until recently. I want life to be simple. My passion for these products and what kind of life they have given me has been enough. There are many ways to build a business in this company and I can share my ideas with you in writing. I really haven’t been interested in setting up consultations or putting a calendar of events together. Hopefully without sounding really sappy I can share a few of my favorite products.

            Sulfurzyme® is a part of YOUNG LIVING’S ESSENTIAL OILS supplement line. The capsules are designed to support the immune system and enhance health. Wolfberries and MSM are combined to support liver function, circulation and digestive system health. Wolfberries contain vitamin A and antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin important for eyesight. MSM is important for strong bones, joints, muscles and mental sharpness. I love it for the benefit of beautiful hair and skin. Dietary sulfur, MSM, is natural and our bodies need it every day to maintain the structure of proteins and protect cells.



The emotional centers of the brain can become full of tension when your life is in a spin. I love the oils but found that one of the fastest ways to clear these blocks is using Dream Catcher.

Ingredients: Sandalwood, Blue Tansy, Juniper, Bergamot, Anise, Tangerine, Ylang Ylang and Black Pepper.

When your energy or confidence is weak use this oil. Some of the ways its helped me are improving creative thought processes and getting back into yoga and meditation routines.

Dream Catcher is said to help with visualizations and promoting greater potential while supporting dreams.

The Sandalwood is high in sesquiterpenes and will help you sleep. Blue Tansy is great for overcoming anger. Juniper is good for creating feelings of love and so on.


Abundant research has shown a child will benefit from eating adequate protein. The typical American diet consists of mostly processed foods, white flour, dairy and sugars. A child’s digestive system is delicate.

I have done academic work in environmental sciences and worked with families and children. I know that aroma extracts and aroma components can create positive changes for many ailments.

 Take baths with Lavender oil. Never put any oils inside the ear. Use a cotton ball or place your hand on the outside of the ears and hold. Viruses can cause breathing difficulties. Thyme oil is used to aid in ailments. Both lavender and thyme are cleansing. Thyme is also cleansing as a mouthwash and all over rub.

Behavior problems are very upsetting to any family or relationship. Do what feels comfortable.

My last piece of daily advice is to STOP using air fresheners. The pleasant smell is a toxic chemical. You can scent your home without inhaling harmful substances that will damage nasal membranes. Try clove, cinnamon or citrus oils. Children seem to be calmer when Lemon oil is put into a diffuser.