I have scars. They used to really bother me: chicken pox twice- so the second time I had horrible scarring. I have minor scars from childhood injuries… The bigger ones came next from my car accident; physical, emotional and spiritual… and when I was in my twenties I was bitten on the lip by a pit bull. I am not the expert in essential oil uses but I think I have a few good ideas.

ANGELICA Soothing to skin

BASIL Tone and Circulation… Makes skin rosy

CEDARWOOD Hair and Scalp… A great aftershave

ELEMI Wrinkles… Balances complexion and skin tone (aftershave)


FENNEL Puffy eyes (never in the eye) and Dry skin

FRANKINCENSE Good for oily skin


LEMONGRASS Swelling and Cleansing

MELISSA (dilute) or (cold compress) Itching

NEROLI Scars, Wrinkles and Stretch marks

ROSEWOOD Skin elasticity and Moisturizer

SPEARMINT Tone and Oily skin

SPIKENARD Tone and Rashes

THYME Dry skin, Pimples, Mounth, Hair, Sores and Wounds

VETIVER …Good for mature skin


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