Cooking with Essential Oils

Sometimes I have a desire for authentic flavors from another culture. Here are some of the ideas I’ve written down for recipes in the past.

Albanian foods with orange and lemon oils. In dessert I would try cinnamon or clove.

Baltic foods with ginger, caraway and dill.

Czechoslovakian foods with caraway.

Danish foods with caraway, dill and cardamom.

Egyptian foods with coriander, mint and cinnamon.

Finnish foods with dill and/or pine.

German foods with A LOT of different essential oils (and very fun)….. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Caraway, Juniper, Lemon AND Dill!

Hungarian foods with dill, tarragon and black pepper essential oil.

Italian foods with myrtle, rosemary, sage, oregano and basil.

Japanese foods with citrus oils. Flavors are layered in Japanese cooking so use a recipe you are experienced with.

Korean foods with citrus.

Mexican foods with cinnamon, cloves, coriander, orange, mint, marjoram and sage.

Norwegian foods with caraway, dill and thyme.

Polish foods with dill and lemon.

Russian foods with lemon.

Scottish foods with ginger.

****Don’t get oils in your eyes. Some essential oils cause skin sensitivity if exposed to the sun or tanning beds.

****I use a toothpick inserted into a bottle of Young Living Essential Oil to add the desired amount of flavor. I usually put a small portion of the oils into olive oil, milk (almond milk etc) or water to add at the end of cooking because the health benefits are maintained.


3 responses to “Cooking with Essential Oils

  1. Food grade essential oils may be used in cooking, but they should not be confused with therapeutic-grade oils that benefit our health, enhance our diets and nutritional needs. Please use caution. Flush with a vegetable oil not water, if you get into eyes. Do not put into your ears for any reason! Oils like clove, cinnamon, lemongrass, and wintergreen are “hot oils” and they can cause irritation. Please use caution and do a skin test to know your personal reaction.

  2. Sarah
    Thanks for finding my blog on Georgia Outdoor Activities, it led me to you. I make my own essential oils to use in cooking, making perfumes and soaps, and for natural remedies for life’s ills. This is a very interesting and useful article.

  3. I feel very strongly about adding oils into my foods when its possible. Tonight I made a sauce for Ham. I use orange and ginger with cherry preserves, dijon mustard and some apple cider vinegar. Hope you enjoy this one. I want to keep sharing some of my recipes and will enjoy keeping you informed about them.

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