I have scars. They used to really bother me: chicken pox twice- so the second time I had horrible scarring. I have minor scars from childhood injuries… The bigger ones came next from my car accident; physical, emotional and spiritual… and when I was in my twenties I was bitten on the lip by a pit bull. I am not the expert in essential oil uses but I think I have a few good ideas.

ANGELICA Soothing to skin

BASIL Tone and Circulation… Makes skin rosy

CEDARWOOD Hair and Scalp… A great aftershave

ELEMI Wrinkles… Balances complexion and skin tone (aftershave)


FENNEL Puffy eyes (never in the eye) and Dry skin

FRANKINCENSE Good for oily skin


LEMONGRASS Swelling and Cleansing

MELISSA (dilute) or (cold compress) Itching

NEROLI Scars, Wrinkles and Stretch marks

ROSEWOOD Skin elasticity and Moisturizer

SPEARMINT Tone and Oily skin

SPIKENARD Tone and Rashes

THYME Dry skin, Pimples, Mounth, Hair, Sores and Wounds

VETIVER …Good for mature skin



I wasn’t awake
Be my imagination
I found you at Thunder Lake
it surprised me
you woke me
This day is forever,

The wind simply chills
I put on my scarf
There are constant breezes
my map is young
The temperature drops and water freezes.

I wrote about the trees
they stood there and talked for years
the garden surrendered
my dog and I ran from bees,
What we left was courage,
impossible to give up our guide.

Be Healthy


…lots of fresh fruits and vegetables

Foods that are REAL: Asparagus, almonds, fresh fish, poultry, bison, raw cheese, free-range eggs, maple syrup, honey, agave, AND NINGXIA RED!

  • Nutritious meal choices and long-term habits
  • Stay active and move your body
  • Get a massage
  • Avoid negative values
  • Feel empowered

The average American is getting less than 11 grams of fiber daily. Women should be getting 25 grams and men should be getting 35 grams of fiber. Our bodies also need probiotics. Yogurt, Kefir and sour cream all provide probiotics. Avoid unbalanced foods like white sugar, white flour and pop. Processed meats, GMO’s and MSG’s are not good.

Young Living is an investment for feeling better and costs as little as $40. Oils, Personal Care, NingXia Red, and Supplements like Omega Blue are available to you from Young Living to keep you WELL!

Earth Day Celebration Activities

Avoid Fumes

Add Purification to paint (VOC-free)

Organize your Sweaters

Because of their weaves and bulk, sweaters can provide an ideal place for breeding insects. Use Purification on them instead of dry-cleaning.

*Purification and other essential oils also freshen laundered bedding, towels – even clothes with a delicate fragrance.

Sweet Dreams

Use an organic cotton case and fill it with flax seeds. Drop in Lavender essential oil for an all-natural eye pillow.

Compost Smells

Peppermint Oil! Use your leftover pieces of veggies and dried leaves. Alternate wet and dry for a great fertilizer on your herb garden.

Laundry Detergent

Thieves Cleaner. Harsh chemicals are really a problem for people with asthma. All those chemicals go into our earth’s water supply.

*Thieves toothpaste is also a wonderful product.

Be Kind to Your Skin

Try avoiding parabens. Moisturize with Young Living products.

  • Some studies suggest that high doses of these preservatives can hurt your endocrine system.
  • YLEOs (Young Living Essential Oils) are pure-grade oils! Young Living is better than organic!
Veggie Wash
  • Lemon or other citrus oils will lower pesticide residue and clean off bacteria.
These are all simple things you can do to lower your carbon footprint.