I have scars. We all have. minor scars from childhood injuries.



CEDARWOOD A great aftershave







MELISSA compress

NEROLI Scars and stretch marks

ROSEWOOD Moisturizer






I wasn’t awake
Be my imagination
I found you at Thunder Lake
it surprised me
you woke me
This day is forever,

The wind simply chills
I put on my scarf
There are constant breezes
my map is young
The temperature drops and water freezes.

I wrote about the trees
they stood there and talked for years
the garden surrendered
my dog and I ran from bees,
What we left was courage,
impossible to give up our guide.

Earth Day Celebration Activities

Avoid Fumes

Add Purification to paint (VOC-free)

Organize your Sweaters

Because of their weaves and bulk, sweaters can provide an ideal place for breeding insects. Use Purification on them instead of dry-cleaning.

*Purification and other essential oils also freshen laundered bedding, towels – even clothes with a delicate fragrance.

Sweet Dreams

Use an organic cotton case and fill it with flax seeds. Drop in Lavender essential oil for an all-natural eye pillow.

Compost Smells

Peppermint Oil! Use your leftover pieces of veggies and dried leaves. Alternate wet and dry for a great fertilizer on your herb garden.

Laundry Detergent

Thieves Cleaner. Harsh chemicals are really a problem for people with asthma. All those chemicals go into our earth’s water supply.

*Thieves toothpaste is also a wonderful product.

Be Kind to Your Skin

Try avoiding parabens. Moisturize with Young Living products.

  • Some studies suggest that high doses of these preservatives can hurt your endocrine system.
  • YLEOs (Young Living Essential Oils) are pure-grade oils! Young Living is better than organic!
Veggie Wash
  • Lemon or other citrus oils will lower pesticide residue and clean off bacteria.
These are all simple things you can do to lower your carbon footprint.


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